yosnex 2009

17 July 2015

Go-Jek & Uber, alternatif layanan transportasi

Filed under: Selingan Sekedarnya — yosnex @ 6:24 am

Uber Angkutan Umum harus berizin Uber Taksi Uber DSCF2720 Uber DSCF2721 Uber DSCF2754 Uber DSCF2782 Uber DSCF2798 Uber DSCF2804 Uber DSCF2811 Gojek DSCF2816 Gojek DSCF2827 Gojek DSCF2828 Gojek DSCF2833 Gojek DSCF2834 Gojek DSCF3048 Gojek DSCF3049 Gojek DSCF3053 Gojek DSCF3051 Gojek DSCF3054 Uber DSCF3094 Gojek DSCF3114 Gojek DSCF3252 Gojek DSCF3266 Gojek DSCF3326 Gojek DSCF3363 Gojek DSCF3364 Uber GoJek DSCF3454 Uber DSCF3491


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